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Smart Posture Corrector with Vibration Alert

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Posture Corrector Smart Sensing Vibration Alert Rechargeable Ergonomic Comfortable Adjustable Back Straightener Support

1. VIBRATION ALERT: Back straightener uses vibration reminders, scientific correction, automatic memory function, intelligent induction of incorrect body posture. 2 hours a day, 3 weeks to change bad habits.
2. ANGLE SENSING: Posture corrector corrects bad posture, induction vibration reminder angle induction hunchback bending more than 25 degrees corrector immediately vibrate to remind. Universal adult children.
3. BUILT IN SMART CHIP: Adjustable back straightener built in intelligent chip and angle monitoring sensor, real time monitoring of the user, analysis, so as to correct the posture in a timely manner.
4. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Back straightener support is designed with a figure of 8 shape, ergonomically fit the body curve when wearing. Rubber material stretchy enough comfortable not to strangle the shoulder.
5. EASY TO USE: Back brace can be used for 15 days after one hour of charging, 200mA high capacity battery storage power lasting. Back center switch switch position is set reasonably, adults and children can easily open.
6. FINE STITCHING: Back posture corrector with non slip buckle, easy to adjust the solid not loose, fine stitching to prevent falling off. High elasticity nylon belt with high standards of manufacturing elasticity good.


Item Type: Posture Corrector
Material: Nylon, ABS
Product Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery (Shipped With Built In Battery)
Battery Capacity: 200mah
Charging Interface: USB Universal Interface
Charging Voltage: 5V
Rated Charging Voltage: 5V
Rated Power: 0.4W
Charging Time: 2H

How to Use:

After wearing straight back and head up, then click the switch, vibrate three normal work, maintain the correct posture until the posture corrector vibration three, at this time the intelligent chip has recorded your correct posture, when you appear hunchback arc more than 25 degree, the posture corrector will automatically sense vibration to remind you of bad posture, long press to close

Package List:

1 xPosture Corrector

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Instruction Manual

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